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1984 orwell essay prompts

1984 orwell essay prompts1984 orwell essay prompts -The main character in this book, Winston, is the one that readers are able to see the results of the Big Brother government on through the life that he leads going against this authoritative government.Winston started as just another drone of society, but began to see the governments control in its citizens and what the control led to in the end.Surely he must have imagined that more power meant more flattery, a grander image, a greater hall of mirrors reflecting back his magnificence. This man had bullied friends and acquaintances, wives and servants, and he bullied facts and truths, insistent that he was more than they were, than it is, that it too must yield to his will.It did not, but the people he bullied pretended that it did.The monitoring that is done in 1984 is mostly done via a machine called a telescreen, a device that people watched and by which they are watched.Winston lost his rights as a human being and had his mind altered to knowing that he could never win against Big Brother.The fish this time doesn’t even speak, just flashes its tail, and the old man turns around to see on the shore his wife with her broken washtub at their old hovel.In the end there is no one else in their world, because when you are not willing to hear how others feel, what others need, when you do not care, you are not willing to acknowledge others’ existence. It is as if these petty tyrants live in a world without honest mirrors, without others, without gravity, and they are buffered from the consequences of their failures. Scott Fitzgerald wrote of the rich couple at the heart of .The government forced people to live as they saw fit, using persuasion to reel people in and change whatever in history they felt was necessary to make them look like the finest government ever.Thinking of him, I think of Pushkin’s telling of the old fairytale of .But his appetite was endless, and he wanted more, and he gambled to become the most powerful man in the world, and won, careless of what he wished for.Finally she wishes to be supreme over the seas and over the fish itself, endlessly uttering wishes, and the old man goes back to the sea to tell the fish—to complain to the fish—of this latest round of wishes.Or reduces it: narcissists, sociopaths, and egomaniacs are people for whom others don’t exist.An item that was frequently changed was who Winston had this knowledge, thus providing him with one of the necessary items for his personal rebellion.The citizens lifestyle and habits as a human being were also affected as a result of the governments power.When you don’t hear others, you don’t imagine them, they become unreal, and you are left in the wasteland of a world with only yourself in it, and that surely makes you starving, though you know not for what, if you have ceased to imagine others exist in any true deep way that matters.He acquired buildings and women and enterprises and treated them all alike, promoting and deserting them, running into bankruptcies and divorces, treading on lawsuits the way a lumberjack of old walked across the logs floating on their way to the mill, but as long as he moved in his underworld of dealmakers the rules were wobbly and the enforcement was wobblier and he could stay afloat.The fisherman’s wife sends him back to ask for a new washtub for her, and then a second time to ask for a cottage to replace their hovel, and the wishes are granted, and then as she grows prouder and greedier, she sends him to ask that she become a wealthy person in a mansion with servants she abuses, and then she sends her husband back.Through his rebellion he gained his personal knowledge and hatred of Big Brother, when in the end he is captured and forced to come to terms with the governments control before his death.Orwell made it clear through these extreme circumstances that this should not be tolerated, and stopped before a full controlling government could take over and force people to live a life similar to Winstons.1984 orwell essay promptsThis one imagined that the power would repose within him and make him great, a Midas touch that would turn all to gold.By being watched twenty-four hours a day it forced people to think and act in ways that would not show any signs of an original or radical idea forming in their head.The watching made them fearful to think, and with no new ideas or actions people fell victim to the collective ideas of the government and lost their free will.“They smashed up things and creatures and then retreated back into their money or their vast carelessness or whatever it was that kept them together, and let other people clean up the mess they had made.” Some of us are surrounded by destructive people who tell us we’re worthless when we’re endlessly valuable, that we’re stupid when we’re smart, that we’re failing even when we succeed.Even children looked for these signs of weakness in their parents in order to charge them with thought crime and to help the government get rid of another radical.This government believed that they could control and monitor its citizens, thus being able to detect thought crime via their actions and reactions towards events they see.Thus, from this fear a persons lifestyle and habits are changed.He was a pair of ragged orange claws upon the ocean floor, forever scuttling, pinching, reaching for more, a carrion crab, a lobster and a boiling lobster pot in one, a termite, a tyrant over his own little empires.Through these uninformed citizens the government gained control and convinced them that the best way to not lose their rights was to prevent radicals from taking the governments control away.Not having these rights lead to a restricted life for the citizen as a result of the governments control.It’s equals who are generous but keep you accountable, true mirrors who reflect back who you are and what you are doing.He was supposed to be a great maker of things, but he was mostly a breaker.There is a democracy of social discourse, in which we are reminded that as we are beset with desires and fears and feelings, so are others; there was an old woman in Occupy Wall Street I always go back to who said, “We’re fighting for a society in which everyone is important.” That’s what a democracy of mind and heart, as well as economy and polity, would look like.The old man comes and grovels before the fish, caught between the shame of the requests and the appetite of his wife, and she becomes tsarina and has her boyards and nobles drive the husband from her palace.This is about a need for which we hardly have language or at least not a familiar conversation.At one point Winston is talking to a man name People did not trust each other and were so intent on being orthodox, that they were unconscious that they were in essence killing them and taking their rights away.People were forced to become senseless as an attempt to not let them get too smart and in order to survive the government.Big Brothers control may have been necessary for them to try to manage its citizens, but it was hardly civil.In order to protect themselves citizens were on constant lookout for any chance they might be showing what could be interpreted as a fault or unorthodoxy against Big Brother.The thought of such an extremely controlling government functioning in the real world causes any person to be startled by knowing what it leads to. 1984 orwell essay prompts I have often run across men (and rarely, but not never, women) who have become so powerful in their lives that there is no one to tell them when they are cruel, wrong, foolish, absurd, repugnant.We gain awareness of ourselves and others from setbacks and difficulties; we get used to a world that is not always about us; and those who do not have to cope with that are brittle, weak, unable to endure contradiction, convinced of the necessity of always having one’s own way. Our peers tell us who we are and how we are doing, providing that service in personal life that a free press does in a functioning society. The powerless need to dissemble—that’s how slaves, servants, and women got the reputation of being liars—and the powerful grow stupid on the lies they require from their subordinates and on the lack of need to know about others who are nobody, who don’t count, who’ve been silenced or trained to please.His struggle was finished through his mind being altered for him, and all that he had struggled for in his life without Big Brother was gone.So for seven decades, he fed his appetites and exercised his license to lie, cheat, steal, and stiff working people of their wages, made messes, left them behind, grabbed more baubles, and left them in ruin.It’s like going mad on a desert island, only with sycophants and room service.This technology aided Big Brother, but even without the technology they had for monitoring citizens, average people still watched each other to look for weakness and weed each other out.After being caught in the old fisherman’s net, the golden fish speaks up and offers wishes in return for being thrown back in the sea.Overreach is perilous, says this Russian tale; enough is enough. The child who became the most powerful man in the world, or at least occupied the real estate occupied by a series of those men, had run a family business and then starred in an unreality show based on the fiction that he was a stately emperor of enterprise, rather than a buffoon barging along anyhow, and each was a hall of mirrors made to flatter his sense of self, the self that was his one edifice he kept raising higher and higher and never abandoned.Winston tries to overcome this control, and for a long time is able to evade the suspensions of the government in his personal rebellion.The fisherman asks him for nothing, though later he tells his wife of his chance encounter with the magical creature.Orwell warned us through this book thirty-five years ago of the consequences that could arise from such a government, and now eighteen years after the year 1984, the warning still rings clear.Praising every word of news, people tried to become the model citizens that Big Brother wanted in his world.This thereby weeded out the dangerous ones so as to not influence others about Big Brothers power.There are tyrants who might utter such a statement and strike fear into those beneath him, because they have installed enough fear.Or perhaps it was that he was a salesman, throwing out one pitch after another, abandoning each one as soon as it left his mouth.Citizens were induced into thinking that the government was the only government desirable as a result of Big Brothers authoritative control.Through its depiction and example of the governments controlling power, the book 1984 was written by Orwell to caution future generations of the dangers of an all controlling government.Winston knew these things when he was still a drone even without his new evidence.This authoritative control brought people in under Big Brothers umbrella, and even though they were being fed lies they accepted them as the greatest honest truth.The tyrant of a family, the tyrant of a little business or a huge enterprise, the tyrant of a nation. 1984 orwell essay prompts This limited the ideas and actions that people could have and infringed on their rights as human beings, as well as a citizen.He got a boost at the beginning from the wealth handed him and then moved among grifters and mobsters who cut him slack as long as he was useful, or maybe there’s slack in arenas where people live by personal loyalty until they betray, and not by rules, and certainly not by the law or the book.Through the structure of this government people were forced to believe facts and ideas, as well as be monitored twenty-four hours a day.This year Hannah Arendt is alarmingly relevant, and her books are selling well, particularly and a conversation between scholar Lyndsey Stonebridge and Krista Tippet on the radio show “On Being.” Stonebridge notes that Arendt advocated for the importance of an inner dialogue with oneself, for a critical splitting in which you interrogate yourself—for a real conversation between the fisherman and his wife you could say: “People who can do that can actually then move on to having conversations with other people and then judging with other people.People lost their individuality and freedom of choice in this government by simply taking in any information about the world Big Brother tossed at them.A hungry ghost always wants the next thing, not the last thing.But the power of the presidency was what it had always been: a system of cooperative relationships, a power that rested on people’s willingness to carry out the orders the president gave, and a willingness that came from that president’s respect for rule of law, truth, and the people.Citizens were forced to live in a way the government saw fit, and do what they were told.A man who wished to become the most powerful man in the world, and by happenstance and intervention and a series of disasters was granted his wish.Even language is controlled through the government, where they are constantly throwing out words of Old Speak and cutting down the language into New Speak, so its citizens would not have to think as much.When people did not do exactly what was needed or became too popular, they usually vaporized.You could call the husband consciousness—the awareness of others and of oneself in relation to others—and the wife craving.Through this changing of history it made Big Brother appear flawless, and far more intelligent than any other citizen, thus preventing any conflict or rebellion.By thinking this way they ignored the individual, and instead looked at their government as a whole, forgetting the lives and rights of its individual citizens.The Ministry of Truth, a department of the government meant for rewriting history, altered history numerous times each day to make the government constantly appear exact in their predictions and right on target in their speeches.We keep each other honest, we keep each other good with our feedback, our intolerance of meanness and falsehood, our demands that the people we are with listen, respect, respond—if we are allowed to, if we are free and valued ourselves.Changes would be made about how many boots were made or manufactured as stated in a speech, or a fact that was later found be false and would have shown by their previous statement to be wrong.A true tyrant does not depend on cooperative power but has a true power of command, enforced by thugs, goons, Stasi, the SS, or death squads.It separated him from others in society who had no power of personal knowledge to make informed decisions of their own.It’s like having a compliant compass that agrees north is whatever you want it to be. 1984 orwell essay prompts Surely he must have imagined that more power meant more flattery, a grander image, a greater hall of mirrors reflecting back his magnificence. This man had bullied friends and acquaintances, wives and servants, and he bullied facts and truths, insistent that he was more than they were, than it is, that it too must yield to his will. 1984 orwell essay prompts

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