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business plan financialsBusiness plan financials -The direct costs of the author are very small, probably just printer paper and photocopying; unless the author is paying an editor, in which case what the editor was paid is part of the author’s direct costs.Total Sales is the sum of the projected sales for each of the five categories of sales. Units and sales are sums of the 12 columns, and price is the average, calculated by dividing sales by units.Your educated guesses become more accurate over time. You say you can’t forecast because your business or product is new? Lots of people start new businesses, or new groups or divisions or products or territories within existing businesses, and can’t turn to existing data to forecast the future.actual results every month, you can easily make course corrections. You don’t need sophisticated financial models or spreadsheets.Continuing with my series on standard business plan financials, you can’t run a business, or start a new business, without a sales forecast.Live Plan makes it easy to create a strategic business plan that will wow any audience..boxy-content a.term-action, button.term-action a.term-action:hover, button.term-action:hover .term-action-bg .term-uex .term-cite .term-fc .term-edit .boxy-dflt-hder .definition .definition a .definition h2 .example, .highlight-term a.round-btn, a.round-btn.selected:hover a.round-btn:hover, a.round-btn.selected .social-icon a.round-btn .social-icon a.round-btn:hover a.round-btn .fa-facebook a.round-btn .fa-twitter a.round-btn .fa-google-plus .rotate a a.up:hover, selected, a.down:hover, selected, .vote-status .adjacent-term .adjacent-term:hover .adjacent-term .past-tod .past-tod:hover .tod-term .tod-date .tip-content .tooltip-inner .term-tool-action-block .term-link-embed-content .term-fc-options .term-fc-options li .term-fc-options li a .checkmark .quiz-option .quiz-option-bullet .finger-button.quiz-option:hover .definition-number .wd-75 .wd-20 .left-block-terms .left-block-terms .left-block-terms li .no-padding .no-padding-left .no-padding-right .boxy-spacing @media (min-width: 768px) @media (max-width: 768px) @media print { a:link:after, a:visited:after nav, .term-action, #wfi-ad-slot-leaderboard, .wfi-slot, #related-articles, .pop-quiz, #right-block, .Sales of some number mean nothing without the context the sales forecast gives you.The sales forecast is almost always going to be the first set of numbers you’ll track for plan vs. If nothing else, just forecast your sales, track plan vs.A sale is when the ownership of the goods changes hands, or the service is performed.It goes from inventory to direct costs for the income statement in the month in which it was sold. My standard business plan financials series includes What’s Accrual Accounting and Why Do You Care, which is directly related. Once you have sales forecast and direct costs, you can calculate your estimated gross margin. Gross Margin is a useful basis of comparison between different industries and between companies within the same industry.The costs of manufacturing and assembly labor are always supposed to be included in COGS.Live Plan is an online application so whether you're on a Mac or PC, Live Plan will walk you step-by-step through the entire planning process.COGS for a bookstore include what the storeowner pays to buy books.For example: Never think of your sales forecast in a vacuum.And the past, by itself, isn’t the best predictor of the future. So let’s look at how to forecast sales, step by step.So if your chart of accounts divides sales by product or service groups, keep those groups intact in your sales forecast.Highlight the risks – especially the breakeven point where you cease spending more than you earn and start making a profit. Meanwhile, if you've bought – or are thinking about buying – The Definitive Business Plan feel free to download the spreadsheets.The financials are an important element in just about every plan.The total direct costs for bicycles in January are the result of multiplying 30 units by $340 per plan financialsThe math may be simple, yes, but this is predicting the future; and humans don’t do that well. No business plan is complete without a cash flow plan. Profit and loss, incorporating sales, cost of sales, operating expenses, and profits.Of course they don’t know the future, but they have some relevant information and they have some experience in the field.Direct costs are the same thing for a service business, the direct cost of delivering the service.The business financial plan commonly appears in the overall business plan for a small business.In the simplest of plans, the sales forecast might be a single line in the pro-forma income statement. Personnel plan: Personnel costs are so intimately related to fixed costs that they should often be set aside and discussed.If you’re planning for a startup business, coordinate the bookkeeping categories with the forecasting categories.actual results, see problems developing, and correct your day-to-day with the progress of your sales.For the generic spreadsheet option, shown here, you multiply units times prices to calculate sales.For the highlighted estimates, the direct entry for bicycles unit cost is the product of multiplying the price by 68 percent.Here’s a quick example from a bicycle retailer named Garrett (with columns for April-November hidden on purpose, to make viewing easier): If you’re a Live Plan customer, don’t worry about this spreadsheet view, which is generic.But how do you know what numbers to put into your sales forecast?Think of the weather experts doing a 10-day forecast.For example, unit sales of 36 new bicycles in March multiplied by $500 average revenue per bicycle means an estimated $18,000 of sales for new bicycles for that month.You already know which ratios you like to use, and how to calculate them. This isn’t as necessary for an internal plan as for one for bankers and investors, but some key ratios are almost always a good idea.And some professional service businesses will include the salaries of their professionals as direct costs.If you think sales forecasting is hard, try running a business without a forecast. Your sales forecast is also the backbone of your business plan.It flows from the strategic action plans with their assumptions, milestones and metrics. Your business offering milestones affect your sales.In that case, the accounting firm, law office, or consulting company records the salaries of some of their associates as direct costs. business plan financials Don’t try to guess the future accurately for months in advance.Instead, aim for making clear assumptions and understanding what drives sales, such as web traffic and conversions, in one example, or the direct sales pipeline and leads, in another.All those sophisticated techniques depend on data from the past.Normally there is also a projection of interest, taxes, and net profits. Pro-forma balance sheet: Aside from cash and income, there is the balance of assets, liabilities, and capital. Sales forecast: The form may vary to suit the business, but it is hard to imagine a plan without a sales forecast.You do the same thing with your new business or new product forecast that the experts do with the weather.You need to demonstrate that your ideas are financially sound.Match your chart of accounts, which is what accountants call your list of items that show up in your financial statements.Direct costs also happen when the goods change hands.In a service business, when a client promises in November to start a monthly service in January, that is not a November sale.COGS stands for Cost of Goods Sold, and applies to businesses that sell goods.Accounting needs detail, while planning needs a summary. And you’ll lose the most valuable business benefit of business planning: management, steering your company.They consider past experience, so they know how these same factors have generally behaved in the past. When they project a high of 85 and low of 55 tomorrow, those are educated guesses.Every business is different, but knowing the standards and averages gives you some useful comparisons. For example, manufacturing and assembly labor are supposed to be included in direct costs, but factory workers are paid sometimes when there is no job to work on.actual results, and make corrections; that’s already business planning.They should probably include some profitability ratios like gross margin, return on sales, return on assets, and return on investment; plus some liquidity ratios such as debt to equity, current ratio, and working capital. Break-even analysis: Most of the break-even analyses included with business plans have little value, but most bankers and analysts like to see them. Market forecast: Aside from the sales forecast, which is essential, a market forecast is also a good idea. How does market growth stand to impact this business?A normal sales forecast includes units, price per unit, sales, direct cost per unit, and direct costs.Get your last Income Statement (also called Profit & Loss) and keep it in view while you develop your future projections.Live Plan will guide you through the sales forecast assumptions and do the calculations automatically.So, for example, it’s the gasoline and maintenance costs of a taxi ride. The direct costs of a bookstore are its COGS, what it pays to buy books from a distributor.It should be obvious: Make sure the way you organize the sales forecast in rows or items or groups matches the way your accounting (or bookkeeping) tracks them. business plan financials If your accounting summarizes categories for you – most systems do – consider using the summary categories in your business plan.People measure a business and its growth by sales, and your sales forecast sets the standard for expenses, profits and growth.The illustration below shows how Garrett uses estimated margins to project the direct costs for his bicycle store.COGS for Garrett are what he paid for the bicycles, accessories, and clothing he sold during the month.If you don’t have more than 20 or so each rows of sales, costs, and expenses, then make the rows in the projected statement match the rows in the accounting.COGS for a manufacturer include raw materials and labor costs to manufacture or assemble finished goods.In the bike store example, if a customer tells Garrett in May that he is definitely going to buy 5 bicycles in July, that transaction should not be part of sales for May.Garrett should put those 5 bicycles into his July forecast and then they will actually be recorded as sales in the bookkeeping actual sales in July when the transaction takes place.Expert opinions may vary, but in general there are some standard analyses that a business plan ought to have, regardless of specifics. This of course is also a pro forma income statement.It explains what your business can afford, how it can afford to do it and what the expected profits will be.The direct costs of the book publisher include the cost of printing, binding, shipping, and author royalties.Sure, people shy from doing forecasts, because it can feel like real numbers and you can think only the numbers people can do it. I was a vice president of a market research firm for several years, doing expensive forecasts, and I saw many times that there’s nothing better than the educated guess of somebody who knows the business well.For example, industry profiles will tell you that the average gross margin for retail sporting goods is 43%.If bookkeeping tracks sales by product, don’t forecast your sales by channel instead.Total Unit Sales is the sum of the projected units for each of the five categories of sales.However, the financial plan is a self-supporting document intended to support and direct the actions of the business.Other experts will disagree, by the way; and there may be special cases in which extended monthly projections are worth the effort.Standard accounting and financial analysis have rules about sales and direct costs and timing.Garrett can easily calculate the gross margin he’s projecting with his sales forecast.If your categories in the projections don’t match the accounting output, you’re not going to be able to track plan vs. Normally your sales forecast will group sales into a few manageable rows of sales and show projected units, prices, and sales monthly for the next 12 months and annually for the second and third years in the future. business plan financials Your educated guesses become more accurate over time. You say you can’t forecast because your business or product is new? Lots of people start new businesses, or new groups or divisions or products or territories within existing businesses, and can’t turn to existing data to forecast the future. business plan financials

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