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5 essays of american writers

5 essays of american writers5 essays of american writers -View course details in My Plan: T LIT 425 T LIT 431 Contemporary Native American Women's Literature (5) VLPA, DIVExamines novels, short stories, and poetry by contemporary Native American women authors.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 458 T LIT 476 American Women's Literature: Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Texts (5) VLPA, DIVExamines primarily novels and short stories by American women authors from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 101 T LIT 210 Studies in American Literature (5) VLPAExamines the aesthetic, social, and cultural expressions of American Literature through its major authors, modes, themes, and periods.Students will practice the analysis of literary discourse and the formation of critical arguments.Considers how a text generates aesthetic pleasure, how it achieves moral or social impact.Considers how critical theory adds to the understanding and enjoyment of literature. View course details in My Plan: T LIT 390 T LIT 391 Science Fiction Literature (5) VLPAExplores science fiction from various cultures and historical periods as a distinct literary genre that explores the boundaries, not just of space, but of moralities and belief systems, and what it means to be human; covering themes which may include robots/AI; alien encounters; speculative fiction; space voyaging, or time travel.Includes Dante s Inferno, Shakespeare's Hamlet, and Milton's Paradise Lost.Special attention to the theme of the "quest." Texts include Augustine's Confessions, Beowulf, The Quest of the Holy Grail, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and Don Quixote.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 438 T LIT 439 Western American Literature (5) VLPAStudies Western American writers and their contribution to understanding the Western landscape.Includes topics such as: Wilderness Tales, Nature and Industry, Women in Nature, Environmental Apocalypse, Nonhuman Animals in Literature, and Beyond Nature Writing.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 324 T LIT 325 Medical and Ethical Issues in Literature and Culture (5) VLPAExamines various medical and bioethical issues through the lens of literature.Compares several kinds of writing from the Pacific Northwest (e.g., history, journalism, fiction, nature writing) and analyzes how writing is made more effective by awareness of audience, setting and occasion for writing.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 391 T LIT 406 Children's and Young Adult Literature (5) VLPAExplores the variety and richness of contemporary children's and young adult literature.Are there typically American patterns that can be discerned? View course details in My Plan: T LIT 306 T LIT 311 Themes in American Literature (5, max.Instantly, I am relegated to the position of Indian." The word "relegated" causes the reader to be irate and indignant. When people are confronted by others, they want to launch an attack. When they were able to sneak Bailey in, he read to me for hours.Explores works as "archetypes," i.e., the foundation for subsequent European writing and thought of all kinds.Includes the exploration of mythography, critical examination of the form, context, and function of mythology, particularly in its expression of world view and attended values.May include Swift's Gulliver's Travels, Goethe's Faust, Kafka's short stories, and Woolf's Mrs. View course details in My Plan: T LIT 253 T LIT 305 American Literary Movements, Genres, and Historical Periods (5, max.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 311 T LIT 313 American Poetry (5) VLPAAn examination of different types of American poetry. Poems approached from formal, thematic and historical perspectives.10) VLPAStudies major themes addressed by writers in America.5 essays of american writersRecommended: Completed at least one 200-level literature course.Focuses on selected topical areas and/or cultural themes characteristic to the West.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 437 T LIT 438 American Folklore (5) VLPAExamines types of American folklore and the techniques of the folklorist.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 343 T LIT 344 Oregon Shakespeare Festival (2) VLPAStudies the texts and attends the performances of plays by Shakespeare playwrights during a short excursion to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival.Examines content revolving around leading Native American writers, and/or non-Indian depictions of Native Americans, and/or American Indian biographical studies.Includes historic themes and represents voices of marginalized groups commenting on themselves and on mainstream society.May include Don Quixote, Kafka's Castle, Borges' Labyrinths, and Nabokov's Pale Fire.Includes topics such as: individualism, identity and community; sex, love and marriage; justice and injustice; industrialization, technology and the city; authenticity and egalitarianism; and race relations.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 237 T LIT 240 Studies in English Literature (5) VLPAExamines the aesthetic, social, and cultural expressions of English literature through its major authors, modes, themes, and periods.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 240 T LIT 251 Ancient Literature of Western Civilization (5) VLPAExamines works of literature and philosophy of ancient Western Civilization as the foundation for subsequent Western writing and thought.Emphasizes historical and cultural perspectives on immigrant and ethnic experience in the U. Analyzes literature depicting different aspects of the immigrant and ethnic experience within the larger context of America.Each has written about her experiences growing up in the rural South, Ms. Tragedy struck both of these women at the age of eight. She chooses words which elicit a forceful emotional response from her audience.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 351 T LIT 352 Medieval Quests (5) VLPAExamines important works of literature and literary theology from the medieval era, broadly construed.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 313 T LIT 320 African American Literature from Slavery to the Present (5) VLPA, DIVReadings, films, lectures, and class discussions will focus on constructions of racial identity, social consciousness, race class, and gender relations as reflected in novels, short stories, essays, and poetry by African American authors.For example, in telling how her brothers were given BB guns and she was not, Ms. A breaking and entering when even the senses are torn apart." Instead of a physical reaction, I felt a wrenching of the heart. Walker focused my attention on the injury to her body, while Ms. My most powerful emotional response throughout both stories was one of incredible sorrow. Walker's account of the incident, I not only wanted to comfort her, I wanted to shield her as well. At the end of her narrative, she wrote, "Now when I stare at people--a favorite pastime up to now--they will stare back. For six years, I do not stare at anyone, because I do not raise my head." I wanted to intervene and help her. Angelou's story I yearned to comfort the child, it was obvious that the adult Maya Angelou did not need my protection.10) VLPAStudies movements (Transcendentalism, Modernism, the Harlem Renaissance, etc.); genres (poetry, fiction, drama, essay); historical periods (American Renaissance, the ' 20s, etc.); and investigates the literature of ethnic, political, and/or regional groups.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 335 T LIT 338 Writing in the Pacific Northwest (5) VLPAExamines the way place or region provides a context for writing.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 352 T LIT 371 The World Stage (5, max.Explores the role of technology, illness and culture, and end-of-live issues. View course details in My Plan: T LIT 325 T LIT 331 Immigrant and Ethnic Literature (5) VLPAExplores dynamics of cultures in contact and conflict and examines how literatures of different ethnic groups reflect this contrast.10) VLPAStudies American Indian literature reflected in thematic and topical expressions. 5 essays of american writers View course details in My Plan: T LIT 433 T LIT 437 Topics in Literature and Environment (5) VLPAExamines nature writing and environmental literature through the lens of a focused topic.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 388 T LIT 390 Varieties of Literary Criticism (5) VLPAInvestigates different approaches to reading and analysis of literary texts.Addresses the construction of female identity and how American women authors revise American history and literature.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 338 T LIT 343 Shakespeare (5, max.Emphasizes the production of a play as an interpretation of the text.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 320 T LIT 324 African American Women's Literature (5) VLPA, DIVExamines female slave narratives and novels from the Harlem Renaissance, Social Protest Movement, and the contemporary period.Explores women's work, women's education, women's activism, marriage, motherhood, and crimes committed against and by women.Emphasizes the methods of interpretation and critical theory in studying the relationships of artistic expression.fakelore, Southern and New England archetypes, the rural mystique, sexism, violence and racism in folklore, printed folktales, and modern folk heroes.Typically includes a backstage tour of 3 theaters and a private discussion with an actor.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 485 T LIT 487 African Folklore and Literature (5) I&SExplores oral and written traditions in Africa.Issues addressed include minority discourse, autobiographical modes, myth, storytelling, definitions of womanhood, and cultural identification.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 252 T LIT 253 Modern Literature of Western Civilization (5) VLPAExamines literary works of Western civilization from the modern era, works important to subsequent Western writing and thought of all kinds.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 432 T LIT 433 Native American Literature and Federal Indian Law (5) VLPA/I&S, DIVExamines major Native American texts against the backdrop of federal Indian law.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 406 T LIT 425 Literature of the Harlem Renaissance (5) VLPA, DIVExamines the images, themes, and characterizations in literature written by African Americans during the Harlem Renaissance.Looks at how characters resist and undermine colonial forces in ways unique to Native American culture.Student Sample: Comparison/Contrast, Alternating Pattern Alice Walker and Maya Angelou are two contemporary African-American writers. Although both wrote about their traumatic experience, the way each depicted the incident was distinct and seemed to be told for very different purposes.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 251 T LIT 252 Medieval and Renaissance Literature of Western Civilization (5) VLPACritically examines works of literature and literary theology from the medieval and Renaissance eras in Europe.Writers studied include Allison, Erdrich, Silko, Kingston, Tan, Morrison, and Cisneros.Readings, lectures, and films will explore the political motivation and public response to black women's writing. 5 essays of american writers View course details in My Plan: T LIT 230 T LIT 237 Introduction to Literature and Environment (5) VLPAExamines the concepts of "nature", "environment", and "wilderness" across a range of literary texts produced by a variety of voices and considers how broader contexts-such as the historical, personal, or cultural-shape how writers represent nature and environment in their work.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 220 T LIT 230 Multi-Ethnic American Literature (5) VLPAExamines multicultural and multi-ethnic literature by American authors.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 431 T LIT 432 American Indian Literature (5, max.Most people do not like being "relegated" to anything. Walker's use of dynamic words can be found in her description of the encounter with her parents following the accident. Her style and choice of words make the reader aware that she is alone and fearful. Maya Angelou narrates her account in a conversational tone. ." and, "my eye stings, and I cover it with my hand," my immediate response was to quickly cover my eye with my hand. Her family loved her all the way through her trauma, and she moved from despair to hope with their help.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 481 T LIT 485 Comparative Mythology (5) VLPAExplores selected mythologies; specific studies may be topical, or thematic. Each described the incident as part of a larger work. Walker related her experience in the body of an essay published in her book, .10) VLPAAn investigation of western and non-western forms of staged performance from a historical, social, political, and cultural perspective.Subjects include the classical stage, medieval mystery plays, Jesuit theater, Noh and Kabuki theater, the Peking opera, Yiddish theater, Agit-Prop, the cabaret, the operatic gesamtkunstwerk, Avant-Garde theater, and Performance Art.Focuses on novels, short stories, essays, and poetry that examine the social construction of race in American society, the construction of American identity, and the intersections of race, class, and gender.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 476 T LIT 481 Postcolonial Fiction (5) VLPAExamines selected works of fiction by postcolonial authors while building a foundation in postcolonial history.Addresses racial and gender oppression, reservation life, acculturation, political and social emergence as well as the leadership role of Native American women.10) VLPAExamines selected works of English playwright William Shakespeare.Emphasizes how the aesthetics of storytelling and dialogue shape the production of narrative in contemporary African contexts.Special attention given to myth, legend, and literature in traditional cultural expression and their dramatic transformation in cinema.Themes include 'the hero of many faces,' and 'love and tragedy.'View course details in My Plan: T LIT 380 T LIT 388 Cross Cultural Studies in Contemporary Women's Fiction (5) VLPA, DIVExamines novels and short stories concerned with race, politics, feminism, and the representation of women.Writers include Johnson, Hughes, Larsen, Harston, Cullen, Fauset, Thurmann, White and Mc Kay.May include Homer's Odyssey, Sophocles' Oedipus the King, Plato's Apology, and Virgil's Aeneid.View course details in My Plan: T LIT 305 T LIT 306 Studies in Selected American Writers (5) VLPAAnalysis of selected American writers, focusing on their depictions of success and failure, and their characteristic styles of affirmation and alienation.T LIT 101 Understanding Literature (5) VLPADevelops essential tools for close and informed reading of fiction, drama, and poetry.Walker writes, "Because I am a girl, I do not get a gun. I felt the tremendous weight that sadness and despair can fold around a heart, not only for a child's trauma, but also for the devastating repercussions that tragedy can produce--loss of dignity, self-esteem, and childhood itself. She ended her account with these words: I would have liked to stay in the hospital the rest of my life. Grandmother came with fruit and my uncles clumped around and around my bed, snorting like wild horses. 5 essays of american writers View course details in My Plan: T LIT 101 T LIT 210 Studies in American Literature (5) VLPAExamines the aesthetic, social, and cultural expressions of American Literature through its major authors, modes, themes, and periods. 5 essays of american writers

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