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abraham lincoln leadership style essay

abraham lincoln leadership style essayAbraham lincoln leadership style essay -Join team Lincoln for real and fight against the bigotry. Republicans know that he is ranked as the number 1 president in history so they would love to have him in their camp as an example of what republicans are today but that is just wishful thinking.Which means he is more like a modern Democrat than a Republican. The KKK is a confederate faction, was during reconstruction, is today… So, if we went back to 1920, this is after Wilson and Teddy, in the time of Harding, Coolidge, and Hoover, then in that era I would say “yeah, Lincoln is a Republican, like a modern Republican…Still, Humphrey, Kennedy, FDR, MLK, and even LBJ (an ally of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party) came together to change history, and that change resulted in what we have today.Lincoln protested the Mexican American War and opposed Free-Trade, and we can thank Lincoln for free public colleges, the income tax, and using federal power to defeat the socially conservative south and ensure the Union (… ) Below we explain what it means that Lincoln was a former Whig and then Republican in the mid-1800’s to get a sense of what parties Lincoln might have identified with today.Thus, Lincoln was not like the current Solid South Social Conservative or Trumpain Know-Nothing (“America First”) nativist right, but he did share some qualities with figures like Teddy Rooselvet, Eisenhower, and for lack of a better modern example (Mc Cain / Bush).Instead, Lincoln ultimately brought the country together, just like he had tried to do before being elected.Lincoln was of the Federalist-line, like Hamilton or Clay, but his hand was pushed (a little like LBJ almost).First lets start with a general introduction, then we’ll get into the details. Read John Nichols’s article in the (the article this video refers to).Did you know the Confederates seceded because Lincoln won? Lincoln was a moderate and probably wouldn’t have declared war as much tried to use his legal prowess to prevent one.Take Lincoln, but make sure to take his policies as well.then it is from that perspective that its hard to see exactly what facts someone is going to use to back that line of thinking up (although one could argue he shared positions on nationalism and trade protectionism). Lincoln was a type of conservative, but not the same exact type as the modern socially conservative small government anti-tax nativist Trumpian / Fox News right (he was instead, almost literally against all that).Ultimately, coming to the conclusion that Lincoln was more modern moderate progressive social liberal, rather than pro-south, anti-immigration, small government Republican speaks more to how the current Republican party has shifted to the far-right after embracing the Solid South under Strom-Goldwater-Reagan-Nixon, than it does about Lincoln being far-left.referrer=https:// Lincoln’s election wasn’t the only reason for the War (obviously), but that was the catalyst. but there is something OK for me about a modern right-winger admiring Lincoln (even if in most cases the shoe does not fit)…. Also, let us not forget, Bush and Mc Cain and a few select others are Lincoln-like in some ways.Clearly, Lincoln would have been more like a modern moderately progressive Democrat on most social issues than like the modern Tea party Republican.-Lincoln may have been a critical ally to moderate libertarians, like he was to Free Soil party.Lincoln was a moderate in his day, and it stands to reason he would have been a moderate in our day as well.” As long as we accept that Lincoln was no ally to the social conservative nativists, and that the parties have changed considerably over the years, there is plenty of room to debate and discuss Lincoln’s moderate character. Lincoln was a republican, but by today’s standards, he would be a democrat LOL. When your title is Vote Fact or Myth: “Lincoln was a Republican” it is quite clear that it is a fact. Lots of “room for the GOP to be the party of Lincoln”…So he wasn’t unlike modern Republicans in every way and wasn’t like all modern Democrats in every way.Democrats stand for abortion, over-regulation, power through racial division, and the enforcement of misery.Write A Response In Which You Discuss The Extent To Which You Agree Or Disagree With The Claim.Problem is, so much changed, any comparison is really best done plank by plank and in nuance.abraham lincoln leadership style essayThus, Lincoln would have perhaps sided with moderate democrats, perhaps with moderate Republicans, perhaps with very moderate progressives, but not with the Tea Party social conservative wing of the Republican party.Lincoln protested the Mexican American War and opposed Free-Trade, and we can thank Lincoln for free public colleges, the income tax, and using federal power to defeat the socially conservative south and ensure the Union (… ) Below we explain what it means that Lincoln was a former Whig and then Republican in the mid-1800’s to get a sense of what parties Lincoln might have identified with today. Both sides agree that the special interests took over the Republican party following 1964’s Civil Rights, but as you’ll see below, some modern moderate conservatives have hope to be “the party of Lincoln” again.People's Behavior Is Largely Determined By Forces Not Of Their Own Making.I don’t say this as an insult, but rather as the clearest fact of the Lincoln story, the one evidenced by just about every one of his letters and orations.What we have today is a situation in which it makes sense that so many people think Lincoln was a Democrat.Some say Lincoln was a progressive, moderate conservative, and that the current GOP can learn a thing or two from him if they can stand up against special interests in regards to big business, prejudice, and religion.Lincoln supported the first income tax, free colleges, and the abolition of slavery (although he promised a somewhat free soil solution on the campaign trail).The more things change, the more they stay the same.Remove the Tea Party and Solid South from the Republicans, and just focus on Mc Cain and Bush, and then at that point we can talk… do you not know that the Democratic party was conservative back in the day and the Republican party was the Progressive Liberal party but i know its hard for you conservatives to understand facts and history Civil Rights and Voting Rights really changed things.so yeah, party of Lincoln ideologically, kind of how it works.Add to that the fact that the times have changed, and that the modern parties are coalitions of factions. It is rather shallow and wrong to say “Since Lincoln was a Republican, he would be a Republican today” just as it is shallow and wrong to say “the Confederate south of 1860 is exactly the same as Democrats today.” However, if we want to avoid broad statements and talk about specific planks, the conversation becomes interesting and there is room for both parties to realize they share some qualities with more than one faction of yesterday.meanwhile, he was otherwise a classical liberal-conservative like Clay or Hamilton.As during the Civil War, Democrats hate America and want to end it.Meanwhile, the social liberal progressivism you are prescribing to a modern Democrat is a result of figures like WJ Bryan, FDR, A. That big government position was the position of Lincoln’s Northern Republicans.The parties evolved a great deal from those times, so there isn’t a straight line to draw.Lincoln wasn’t a Radical Republican (a progressive in the Republican party of the time), but he was not a modern Tea Party conservative by most measures. That doesn’t mean a Republican can’t look to Lincoln for inspiration, but it does mean that the more moderate and socially liberal Democrats and Republicans are more Lincolnian.Yet, we can make a strong argument that Lincoln would have also identified with key aspects of the Libertarian platform.That is, Lincoln was not a Confederate or Know-Nothing, but Lincoln was a type of moderate liberal-conservative in a party with many social liberals in it at the time who were fighting against other parties that contained the socially conservative south (as were many Republicans in that era, like Grant for example).-Lincoln was not however a Know-Nothing or Confederate, and thus was pretty far from the more radical Tea Party wing of the modern Conservative Coalition of the Republican Party (with their modern “America First” platform) in terms of social policy -(although to be fair, he was also pretty far from a more radical modern progressive too; consider, the abolitionists were pretty upset that Lincoln won the primary). Just goes to show you can twist anything to support your own agenda. Republicans are eternally for freedom and keeping America one nation under God.If you are going to literally ignore the history of the US political parties I don’t know what to say. how one looks at the data and comes away with your point of view, I do not understand. The old southern conservative Democrats, a big faction of voters called “the solid south,” changed parties and teamed up with the old party of Lincoln… We all know he ran for president as a Republican and belonged to the Republican party. abraham lincoln leadership style essay Still, when push came to shove, he showed he was a Social Liberal Progressive (the elite Federalist sort at least) despite his moderate conservative side (again, like LBJ).Democrats are for division, power, and enslavement of the people through over-regulation and taxation.I promise you this is a correct interoperation of history that just seems off-putting due to our history as it pertains to the Civil War. but with this influx of progressives into the Democrats i’m not so sure any more”…Republicans today stand for LIFE, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness above all else.In truth, the parties have a long and complicated history, and it is possible Lincoln would have been an independent forming his own, more centered, progressive party or perhaps he would have simply joined either party just to do what it took to un-divide the nation and bring us together again.And, he did ally with what today with the group we might describe as libertarians and what used to be called moderate states’ rights Democrats (like LBJ).See this article for the basics on Lincoln and the War: Write A Response In Which You Discuss Your Views On The Policy And Explain Your Reasoning For The Position You Take.It was the Confederates who reacted first, not Lincoln.More than what party Lincoln would have supported, we can know what factions he wouldn’t have joined.Still, let us not forget in all this that Lincoln was not a Radical Republican looking to oppress the South or limit the free expression of the Nativist.These are the same tenents of socialism and communism that Democrats embrace openly.Today the Republican Party is a big tent of factions, dominate factions include new versions of Know Nothings and Confederates (represented well by the more radical “America First” policies of Trumpians, the Tea Party, Freedom Caucus, and the Solid South Conservatives).Write A Response In Which You Discuss The Extent To Which You Agree Or Disagree With The Statement And Explain Your Reasoning For The Position You Take.He was, for his time, somewhat socially liberal (but more like a moderate Obama than a Bernie Sanders)…If I could say it in simpler terms I would, trust me. The right still has the conservative republicans, but they have really gone to the right and away from the social liberal Republicanism of Lincoln’s allies or even moderate Republicanism of Lincoln. Party platforms between 100-150 years ago were pretty much the opposite of what they are today.However, in those days there was a large progressive wing of the Republican party and they all stood against the social conservatism of the south (to the extent that those two factions went to war with each other).Likely though, he would have been a pro-federal power Democrat standing tall against modern prejudice.That obviously being the Know-Nothing “American First” Nativists and Solid South Conservatives (so not the socially conservative wing of the modern Republicans).In Developing And SThe Best Way To Teachwhether As An Educator, Employer, Or Parentis To Praise Positive Actions And Ignore Negative Ones. abraham lincoln leadership style essay That of course is opinion based on fact, happy to entertain any counter points here!Abe Lincoln: “I am a conservative and a Republican, and I will destroy slavery.” Lincoln was a conservative and a Republican, but he was also not a Know Nothing and Not a Confederate, he was also socially liberal on many issues regarding social rights and state power.To be fair, Lincoln had some classical conservative qualities.There is a lot for most Americans to love about Lincoln, and that is one of the reasons he is a highly ranked President. The conclusion is Lincoln was a Republican, like Hamilton, Clay, or any other Northerner who favored central federal power, cities, taxation, and a global economy. but less room considering one of their main factions is the old southern conservative south confederates.To end, here is what I ACTUALLY SAY in the article: -Lincoln was not unlike a modern socially liberal Democrat or more “moderate” Republican.BOTTOM LINE: Taking into account the history of the American political parties, and Lincoln’s thoughts on the Union, the Know-Nothings, and the Confederate South, and taking into account Lincoln’s moderately progressive policies and his party affiliation, we can reasonably conclude: “Lincoln was a Republican by name, but the parties have changed too much for that to mean he would have necessarily been a Republican today.So not everything fully changed, it is just so much did, at this specific point in history, this Lincoln thing is going to be coming up again and again. But, let us end by saying “Lincoln fought to keep the union together, so let us take care not to tear it apart by telling the Deep Conservative South and their allies that they have no right to Lincoln.However, Lincoln was not unlike the more traditional old-gaurd Republicans such as Mc Cain, Eisenhower, or Bush, especially on issues like trade protectionism. And we make plenty of distinctions like that above.in words, there are centuries of points that explain American history, and I don’t want people getting stuck in 64 (I mean, the 90’s are crazy, look at Goldwater States’ Rights, William Jennings Bryan and Teddy are keys, etc).In Developing And Supportin Educational Institutions Should Dissuade Students From Pursuing Fields Of Study In Which They Are Unlikely To Succeed.but really, really, you can’t house the entire solid south in your tent and claim Lincoln at the same time. Here we should note that LBJ was a Progressive Dixiecrat.Consider his letter to Joshua Speed: that isn’t the point of the article, in fact I say “Lincoln was not like a progressive Democrat”…First lets start with a general introduction, then we’ll get into the details.Abraham Lincoln was the first Republican President.But, Lincoln was the first Republican President, and he was (despite his moderate and conservative qualities) in many ways a true Progressive Social Justice Warrior Liberal Elite compeltely fine with using the state.He was more like a moderate liberal from either party, with a few socially liberal and a few classical conservative positions.Was anyone not anti-abortion back in Lincoln’s time? You are taking a single voter issue and trying to conflate it with an entire complex ideology.He was more like a moderate social liberal (somewhere lets say between Eisenhower and Kennedy).How Abraham Lincoln Can Save Today’s Republican Party.The majority Democrats stood against civil rights until the Republicans helped the president push it through. It’s no wonder Democrats want to erase their own shameful history and try to besmirch the Republican party that stand for freedom and equality instead of division. Therefore the above argument trying to link him with moderates is total bunk. abraham lincoln leadership style essay Still, Humphrey, Kennedy, FDR, MLK, and even LBJ (an ally of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party) came together to change history, and that change resulted in what we have today. abraham lincoln leadership style essay

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