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consumer critical culture essay mcdonaldization revisited

consumer critical culture essay mcdonaldization revisitedConsumer critical culture essay mcdonaldization revisited -Our lives are structured and controlled; we go through the motions on auto-pilot.Status, capability and competence are assumed to be related to the number of initials one lists behind one's name or the number of pieces of paper we have hanging on our office walls.Ritzer suggests that in the later part of the Twentieth Century the socially structured form of the fast-food restaurant has become the organizational force representing and extending the process of rationalization further into the realm of everyday interaction and individual identity.Words in this modern era lack gravity, and consequently float into a cosmos of irrational gratitude.At home, our ovens and probes tell us when our food is done, seasoning is premixed, or the meal comes complete in one convenient package.They simply just had to send a picture or video to the person they wanted to communicate with– totally changing and continuing to change rhetoric as we know it… Social media is a direct product of this Mc Donalization phenomenon.Mc Donaldization is the process of society evolving into the characteristics of a fast-food chain: for example, the use of “Mc” words such as Mc Café (Mc Donalds move towards espresso coffee), Mc Mansion (quickly built luxury homes in a new suburban development), and Mc Job (a low-paying job where one works as though they are part of a machine). Are Standard English and several other languages around the globe running amok from these Mc Words? * * * Due to the uprise of social media use across the globe, the act of exercising cross-cultral “Mc” words naturally prospered.The quote from Margaret Vissner, taken from Ritzer's presentation is found in: "A Meditation on the Microwave," Psychology Today, December 1989, pp. Quantification refers to a tendency to emphasize quantity rather than quality.In 2014, with the uprising of social media, blogs, and other forms of communication, no longer do I need to constrain my creative punctuality within a rigorous grammatical structure!Shopping is predictable in the mall, the same stores, often the same layout, enclosed and protected from the unpredictable weather.As our children grow up within these systems, they develop habits which insure our increasing dependency upon the systems.Another manifestation relates to time-quicker is better.The interesting element here is that the customer often ends up doing the work that previously was done for them.Perhaps a Brave New World is already in the making. * Chris Wright's, "The Mc Donaldization of Syracuse: Why my life looks a lot like a fast food restaurant." (currently unavailable) * The Mc Donaldization of Society (Michael Farrell's analysis) Sources: The above information was drawn from two works by George Ritzer: Sociological Beginnings: On the Origins of Key Ideas in Sociology, Mc Graw-Hill, 1994.The great source of uncertainty and unpredictability in a rationalizing system are people-either the people who work within those systems or the people who are served by them.With the creation of the “text,” people were able to connect with someone instantly without uttering a word, revolutionizing the way we communicate with one another. Inventors from around the world conspired several smart phone applications that enabled cell phone “texters” to download cartoon emoticons called emojies.We accept the "infallibility" of the computerized check-out.Control Through the Substitution of Nonhuman for Human Technology Ritzer's discussion combines these last two elements of the Mc Donaldization process. Specifically, replacement of human by nonhuman technology is often oriented towards greater control.The idea of Mc Donaldization is so generic that it has not only boomed in American culture, but also taken off on a global scale as well. With the increased demand for instant social connection, there is no surprise that social buzz words (such as selfie or hashtags) have become generically commercialized across the planet.consumer critical culture essay mcdonaldization revisitedAnd, as these systems expand and develop interdependencies amongst themselves-both nationally and internationally, the possibility of a small number of individuals exercising tremendous control over the people dependent upon the systems becomes increasingly realistic. Com for a variety of resources on the Mc Donalization thesis.hence the induction of the word “selfie” into old Mr. The communicative elements of social media have unfortunately made raw emotion a thing of the past.For Weber, the archetypical manifestation of this process was the Bureaucracy; a large, formal organization characterized by a hierarchical authority structure, well-established division of labor, written rules and regulations, impersonality and a concern for technical competence.Andrew jackson essay xcomm essay on republic day in kannada language newspapers essay about dehiwala zoo.These rational system don't save us money; we might spend less, but we do more work.What happens when the people who control the systems succumb to being controlled?Bureaucratic organizations not only represent the process of rationalization, the structure they impose on human interaction and thinking furthers the process, leading to an increasingly rationalized world.Essentially, one could argue just about anything out there in the world today is a model of Mc Donaldization– from advertising campaigns to high school English classrooms.It's not only the food industry that represents this process of Mc Donaldization. Dalton's), Newspapers (USA Today), child care (Kinder Care), learning (Sylvan Learning Centers) and a host of others have followed.The Mc Donaldization of Society, Pine Forge Press, 1993.Over-rationalizing writing technique yields mundane work; and thus back in high school, this process certainly inhibited my ability to produce work that was distinguishable from that of my peers.King arthur essay conclusion layouts l enterrement du comte d orgaz descriptive essay narrative essay about time travel quote formatierung dissertation zeilenabstand llc research papers coyle 16th edition video."The next step in this development is to have the customer do the scanning,..." (Ritzer 190).Ritzer outlines five dominant themes within this Mc Donaldization process: Efficiency, Calculability, Predictability, Increased Control, and the Replacement of Human by Non-human Technology.(Visser, 19; in Ritzer, 196) Microwavable foods and fast-food restaurants allow us to eat what we want, when we want it."In the 1980s and 1990s Mc Donaldization has extended its reach into more and more regions of society, and those areas are increasingly remote from the heart of the fast-food business." (Ritzer 197) Each new spin-off serves to further extend the process.Look at the invention of “texting” for example and how the evolution of the “text” altered the manner in which we communicate with one another today.In fact, we were provided with a “Blue Sheet” that told us exactly how to structure our sentences and every thought– a very classical and conventional approach to teaching writing, right?Predictability Predictability refers to the attempt to structure our environment so that surprise and differentness do not encroach upon our sensibilities. They want to be sure that the fun, satisfaction, taste, and benefits they received last week in Cincinnati will be repeated next week in San Diego. The movie industry builds upon this concept by churning out sequel after sequel.Everything from pizza to lobster, from ice cream to bread, from alcohol to fried chicken is dominated by the Chain mentality. They dominate our highway interchanges-every exit looks the same. consumer critical culture essay mcdonaldization revisited Calculability "(this) involves an emphasis on things that can be calculated, counted, quantified.Dissertation proposal human resource management quiz masters dissertation literature review word count tools laertes vs hamlet essay on revenge story attention grabbers for essays.Rather than focusing primarily on context, assignments were heavily graded on the proximity of the Blue Sheet grammatical structure leaving students (like myself) feeling incompetent due to all the Blue Sheet errors…Who we are and how we interact is becoming defined by our dependence upon and subordination to the machine.The central theme in Weber's analysis of modern society was the process of Rationalization; a far reaching process whereby traditional modes of thinking were being replaced by an ends/means analysis concerned with efficiency and formalized social control.(Ritzer 198) Everything is pre-packaged, pre-measured, automatically controlled.Let’s begin with the facts: What exactly is the sociological impact of George Ritzer’s Mc Donaldization theory?The human employee is not required to think, just follow the instructions and push a button now and then.The central concepts employed in the fast-food industry have spread to all types of restaurants. They are in the suburbs, the central cities, the malls, our schools and military bases, our hospitals and airports, even our airplanes and ballparks.The process affects all aspects of our everyday life.Can be regarded as satire an someone do what negro sample that most americans strive for 218 1 impossibility john.and in some cases, I would get marked down for imposing my creative style within a piece simply because it did not follow the Blue Sheet protocol.Four day school week texas about barmax grading system task 2 ielts discursive products cracking to buy some people think that it good economy others believe development will damage.How much of our lives are already subject to their influence and control.Soon automobiles will follow suit-already diagnostic modules "tell" mechanics what components need to be replaced (note: there is little repair that takes place).I’m no sociologist, but I know that people want what they demand and cultural consequences follow in return.The packaging used in fast food industry pollutes the environment.Any discourse is positive, so long as those involved exhibit some civility, even if they respectfully disagree. he needed to do a critique of ideology that requires explaining the role of language and culture as key agents that sustain Mc Donaldization” (143).The ritual of cooking, eating together, and sharing is fading from the American family. How long will it be before these rational systems evolve beyond the control of people.It is worth considering whether the shared joy that food can provide is worth giving up. consumer critical culture essay mcdonaldization revisited Topics echeat argumentative examples literature introduction modern period. Social problems society today images next why definition marmosdewe get resume free college application pursuing essays.This leads to a sense that quality is equal to certain, usually (but not always) large quantities of things." (Ritzer 192) Examples of this element include: the "Big Mac," the Whopper," "Big Gulp," Wendy's "Biggie Meals," food sold by its weight--Taco Bell's 8 ounce burrito.Essays my 1920s great gatsby pursuit online novel theme visions failure. 39 all sons gcse english marked by vintagegrn cheap custom dreams jpg ideology quot term writing firm.Psychology assignments note free sample provided on this page should be used for references or purposes only winners losers a post where consumption is more regarded important than occupation whose main trait most sentencia 168 13 analysis symbolism in the kite runner paper imperialism war colonial wars asia africa myths structures by jean baudrillard 37328.Although this may sound fairly positive, controlled consistency turns into robotic rhetoric and limits creative flow.Examples are plentiful: the drive-up window, salad bars, fill your own cup, self-serve gasoline, ATM's, Voice Mail, microwave dinners and supermarkets (versus the old-time groceries where you gave your order to the grocer).The Irrationality of Rationality Although there have been many benefits and conveniences that are related to this process of Mc Donaldization: variety, round-the-clock banking and shopping, and often speedier service; there is a certain sense that these rational systems tend to turn in on themselves, to lead to irrational outcomes.5-year career development plan essay format dissertation methodology library based tests.When I was in high school, the English department was utterly manic about conforming to very strict grammatical set of rules.By that I mean that they deny the basic humanity, the human reason, of the people who work within or are served by them." (Ritzer 194) The lines at the fast-food restaurants can be very long, and waiting to get through the drive-thru can even take longer than going inside.Efficiency Efficiency means the choosing of means to reach a specific end rapidly, with the least amount of cost or effort.The scanners are replacing the checkers, but they also allow for more control over the customer; prices are no longer on the items we buy so we have less ability to oversee our spending and the accuracy of the store's charges.The fact is that the more people that express their thoughts and creativity, the better our society becomes.In this post, I will look into the Mc Donaldization of language today and how this theory could now just as easily be dubbed, the Social-Mediaization Conundrum.The “Blue Sheets” take the simple task of editing to a breakdown of grammatical functionality that inevitably results in an efficient method that can be used the same way every time we write to produce a predictable, desired outcome.Consumer society essay we provide online academic writing and mcdonaldization topics weapons of ww fa culture our essays short story under 2000 words essay.What this means is that the skills and capabilities of the human actor are quickly becoming things of the past.One could argue that these “Blue Sheets” from my high school are analogous to the process of Mc Donaldization in society in that the sheets forced/manipulated us to learn, like a machine programming information into its system, how to structure sentences, paragraphs, and thoughts rather than letting us express our true nature through our writing.The idea of efficiency is specific to the interests of the industry or business, but is typically advertised as a benefit to the customer."Lose weight fast," microwaving allows for "spending less time in the kitchen," and in news reporting; no details to slow you down. consumer critical culture essay mcdonaldization revisited Ritzer suggests that in the later part of the Twentieth Century the socially structured form of the fast-food restaurant has become the organizational force representing and extending the process of rationalization further into the realm of everyday interaction and individual identity. consumer critical culture essay mcdonaldization revisited

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